Architect Bala North Wales | Rhys Llwyd Davies


The practice celebrated 10 years of work in November 2017.  A series of photographs were commissioned to mark the occasion, selecting ten projects that reflected the passage of our work over time, the scope of the work we’ve carried out, celebrate co-operation and (hopefully) address the founding aims of the company.  From the very beginning, I wanted to positively influence the built environment of where I called home, by concentrating on the character of buildings, the spirit of place and sustainability. I like to believe that we have since established a contemporary vernacular architectural language that refl ects its time and place with respect to location, history and culture. We believe that a detailed appreciation of our historic buildings and traditional / local building techniques, can inform a contemporary architecture that is rooted in its locality while avoiding thoughtless, literal re-use of a 'traditional' style for its own sake.

The photographs were exhibited for one day only on 10 February 2018, at Plase Centre in Bala, but will hopefully put on display again before long.  A brochure of the work is available at our office

Architecture cannot be achieved without clients, contractors, consultants and many other contributors. I take this opportunity to thank our collaborators in that respect and also the hard-working staff that have been integral to everything that’s been achieved. The biggest thanks go to my wife, Eleanor, for being so patient.