Architect Bala North Wales | Rhys Llwyd Davies

Min y Morfa

Min y Morfa is a small dwelling, full of character, but was badly in need of rennovation and modernisation.  The first floor had been altered in the 20th century to include a bathroom, which had reduced the size of the bedrooms and it had an unusually narrow and hazardous staircase. A carefully designed extension, fitted in behind the stone outouse attached to the western gable, allowed the dwelling to be extended by minimising the impact on the character of the building.  Locating the vertical circulation here had freed up the rest of the house, allowing the inhabitable rooms to be enlarged for modern needs.

Rhys Llwyd Davies was architect for the scheme, responsible for design, planning and preparing construction drawings.  Work was completed in time for the new residents to move in before Christmas 2009, who are very happy with the transformation of their home.